2016-09-05 17:28:58

50 Years in Hethel: Lotus Elise 250 Special Edition

This offering will help to mark the 50th anniversary of Lotus Hethel site. It is based on the Elise Cup 250. The last one came out earlier in 2016. The Elise 250 Special Edition has weight of 1,982 pounds thankfully to aluminium and carbon fibber. It is fitted with a 1.8-litre supercharged V4 engine that produces 243 hp. The car accelerated from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.

The offering is fitted with several finished carbon fibber components as regular (rear wing, front access panel, front splitter and tailgate.

The model under consideration will be out in just 50 units, first-come, first-served. There will be a choice of 4 colours: classic metallic blue, yellow, white and red. Besides, there will be an optional carbon fibber hardtop roof panel.