2013-12-24 12:38:37

New Exciting Interior of Lincoln MKX 2014

The brand informed that in interior parts of 2014 model fiberglass will be replaced by a tree-based material.

Two companies – Weyerhaeuser and Johnson Controls – cooperated with Lincoln in order to create a new interior solution. Tree fibres in their essence and characteristics resemble the ones made of glass and are known as Cellulose Reinforced Polypropylene. The next year’s MKX model will use this nature-preserving technology to become lighter.

Centre console armrest, and namely the substrate of its floor part, will feature the use of CRP. It will help, as the carmaker informs, to make the pieces traditionally made of fiberglass lighter by nearly 6%.

Further developments include replacing other, larger parts of a car with CRP insets to keep reducing the weight of the vehicle resulting in less fuel consumption. Besides, cellulose is a rigid material able to compete with reinforcement of fiberglass.