2017-04-21 16:15:27

New Chauffeur-On-Demand Program From Lincoln Is Being Tested In Florida

Lincoln is conducting tests on its latest program in Miami in 2017. It should provide chauffeurs on demand.

The service is called Lincoln Chauffeur. It will allow owners of the company’s cars to request a personal chauffeur through the application. He will come and drive them wherever they need. Then the driver will bring the vehicle back home and allow other household members to use it. This option will be useful for everyone as there will be no need to pay for parking when going, for example to the airport or other places with limited parking. The company’s representative says that a driver could be sent to a restaurant or a bar to pick up a vehicle left behind in case the owner took a cab home after having some drinks.

Moreover, Lincoln Chauffeur will complete more tasks (such as picking up groceries or filling up the tank). The drivers will be employed and vetted by the automaker.

The option is in the pilot stage now. It is first being tested in Miami. Then it should head to San Diego.