2017-03-27 16:01:35

Film Theater Technology For Lincolns Latest Head-Up Display

The innovated head-up display will be presented on the Lincoln Continental.

The producer from America reveals that the set-up is exclusive to the automaker. It is also the largest and brightest display in the class. Besides, it is the 1st producer using Digital Light Projection tech. It is also found in digital film theatres. Lincoln says that DLP helps the display to be visible in more ambient lighting conditions than the rivals. Drivers have to wear polarized sunglasses can still see it. The brand made a research and established that other set-ups can fade or be difficult to see in bright light. However, DLP stays clear and bright for viewing.

Lincoln also provided an infrared reflective coating on the glass. It deflects heat so that the vehicle remains cool in warm weather. The helm can control the head-up display.