2020-04-10 21:44:43

With updates, Lexus LC turned out much easier

Lexus declassified the updated LC 2021 Coupe. The car turned out to be lighter than its last performance, having acquired an improved suspension with the transmission.

The coupe's weight dropped by 10 kilograms due to the use of lower aluminum suspension arms, hollow stabilizers with an increased diameter and brand new springs. Another car got 21 inch light wheels.

Also, the Lexus LC will delight the Active Cornering Assist system, which helps to enter tricky turns with wheels.

The 10-speed automatic transmission has acquired the latest software that keeps the communication in the "active zone." The coupe also has new multimedia with a 10.3-inch touchscreen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Motors have not changed: there is a 5.0-liter V8 with 478 "horses" and 540 Nm. The novelty will acquire a hybrid installation with a V6 base of 3.5 liters, paired with two electric motors and a 4-speed automatic.