2019-11-11 18:24:24

Lexus announced the place where their first electric car debuts

In Guangzhou, at a local auto show, Lexus presents the first commercial vehicle with an electric installation.

Consumers created the machine for China and Europe. The debut expected on November 22, 2019.

So far, unfortunately, Lexus has not released data on the new product. The only image shows that the body will receive the Electric nameplate. Perhaps the electric car will be called UX-EV, but they will make it based on the UX cross. On a single charge, the Lexus electronic novelty will travel from 400 to 500 km.

By the way, Lexus will create five electric models of different price segments over the next five years. The brand is now evaluating all the prospects of the latest venture projects, considering, for example, the production of branded aircraft.