2017-12-06 15:41:15

First Look At The Next Year's Lexus RX 350L And RX 450hL

Speculation and rumours have been circling for years around the 7-seater crossover from Lexus. Finally, we met it!

The 3-row RX L from the automaker will be launched with 2 offerings: the RX 450 hL and RX 350L. The crossover’s body has been stretched by over 4 inches at the back. Meanwhile the tailgate glass is more steeply raked to make sure the passengers at the rear have ample headroom. The 2-row seats tip and slide forward in one motion. Besides, the second-row seats are placed a bit higher than the third. This provides more foot space for the passengers on the 3rd row.

The RX 350L is equipped with a 3.5-litre six-cylinder engine producing 290 hp and torque of 263 pound-feet. It is joined to an 8-speed automatic gear-box. It can be FWD or AWD.

The RX 450hL rides with the 3.5-litre six-cylinder and 2 electric motors as well as a 37 kW battery pack.