2017-12-06 15:43:13

Will There Be An Ultra-Luxurious 2-Doored Range Rover?

Land Rover shows off its high-end offering to date. This is the $207,900 Range Rover SVAutobiography upgraded for the next model year. It is being displayed at the Auto Show in LA.

However, the automaker, already speaks of a new flagship offering. It can take a look of a 2-door SUV!

The company’s design officer told that a “natural progression” for Range Rover would be to “become even more tailored”, high-end, bespoke and refined.

The officer considers that building a business case for a more luxurious Range Rover is easier now when the automaker has SVO that is self-funded. It can come up with a low-volume offering paying for itself and bringing in the incomes for the parent brand.