2019-10-25 18:27:13

The new Land Rover Defender will have a 500-horsepower BMW engine

Land Rover will release a 'hot' version of the new generation Defender all-terrain vehicle, which will be provided 500 'horses.'

Auto Express writes that Land Rover and BMW agreed on technical cooperation a couple of months ago. Automakers will come together to create electrical installations for the next generation. Perhaps the partnership will advance on the exchange of experience regarding traditional ICEs.

The development of a 'charged' Defender SVR modification is carried out by Special Vehicle Operations. Regarding the BMW engine, it will be a 4.4-liter V8 with two turbines.

Land Rover Defender SVR will also acquire a de-energized version of this engine with a capacity of 500 "horses." Also, the all-terrain vehicle will have an improved 8-speed automatic transmission and air suspension. A special mode for the track will supplement the proprietary driving system due to the movement of Terrain Response 2.