2018-02-23 23:20:17

Range Rover Velar received steep tuning from Lumma Design

Tuning-masters Lumma Design created a kit that turns top-end SUV Range Rover Velar into a sports car.

Lumma employees have developed a modification of the engine in the Range Rover, but now a set of innovations on the Velar consists of an updated design with luxurious interior design.

The body part of the car interacts with brand new custom wheel arches, which extended the car from each side by 30 mm. The installation of the master arches is done to provide the possibility of selecting large wheel disks at 22 and 23 inches of their own production.

Plus, Lumma Design changed the design of the radiator with the side mirrors and changed the diffuser from the rear with the lip of the rear spoiler. Installation of a new radiator will cost $ 500, lips - $ 657, bonnet covers - $ 687, wheels - $ 2154. The discs themselves are estimated at a minimum of $ 1214.

Regarding the salon, here you can apply a new set of aluminum pedals, spetsobivku, stitching, as well as brand new panels. The kit includes even the newest armchairs, a sports steering wheel with floor mats and the Lumma Design logo.