2018-08-27 17:16:29

Dog Shower: Land Rover takes care of smaller brothers

On International Dog Day in the Land Rover company decided to present a special optional set to pet owners.

The kit, called Pet Pack, includes a non-spilling bowl for water, a lifting ramp, a folding retention device, a quilted claw protection, and a mini portable shower.

A folding ramp was introduced to help old or large dogs get into the car themselves. The platform was made extremely durable because it can withstand a maximum load of 85 kg. The luggage compartment of the car can be upgraded by adding a holding device with a metal frame, as well as soft curtains. In a portable shower, you can pour 6.5 liters of water, which allows you to wash the animal for 5 minutes.

A set that can be implemented in any Land Rover model, from £ 360.37 is estimated.