2017-03-13 23:45:19

A Drone Landing On Land Rover Discovery Will Save More Lives

A new Land Rover SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) project has been disclosed at 2017 Motor Show held in Geneva.

The Land Rover Discovery is named “Project Hero”. It was created specially for the Austrian Red Cross. The car should help to improve communications and reduce response time for disasters. More lives will be saved thankfully to this car.

There is a drone placed on the roof of the car. It features magnetic retention and self-centring technology. Thankfully to this technology, the drone can land on the roof during the SVO’s movement. Live footage is transmitted to the Red Cross emergency response teams. In such a way, emergency situations can be accessed from a distance that is safe for everyone.

There is plenty of frequency radio equipment inside the Project Hero, a heavy-duty sliding floor, a segregation panel behind the rear seats.

Red Cross and Land Rover started to cooperate back in the 1954. The company has provided 120 cars for Red Cross.