2014-09-29 13:02:34

Lamborghini Asterion's Photo Teaser

The Lamborghini concept will be presented next week at the Motor Show in Paris and it has been introduced on the teaser image by the company.

As to a report, the offering’s name will be "Asterion". This fact was suggested by a brand application since the last day of July in the Internal Market together with the Office for Harmonization. As there is the lightning bolt above the "o" in the logo accredits that the offering will have a hybrid engine though the automaker has not proved this fact yet.

There is no much information about the variant, though the carmaker gave a hint that perfection could be doubled when advancing of the variant will be completed. The 2+2 model will have a lengthful roof declivity and a muscular back deflector plates, built-in air inlets together with large alloy wheels and a small back overhang.

All the photos and details will be revealed on October 2 at the Motor Show in Paris.