2014-08-21 13:11:37

Huracan Spyder from Lamborghini to Arrive in 2015, Including Two-Wheel Drive

The news about new developments has been broken by the CEO of the brand.

Confessions of this kind were shared at the passed Pebble Beach gathering by the CEO. Namely, Winkelmann mentioned that the company is in need of innovation, as are the clients.

In 2015 a debut of Spyder modification of Huracan is planned. At the moment it is not clear yet what kind of a vehicle it may be, but some experts make allegations that this auto will differ from the original one only by cabriolet layout.

RWD car will also arrive. Here the rationale of the executive staff comes from the similar experience with Gallardo. It will be at least an introduced diversity as generally Lamborghini is known as a 4WD automaker.

Another, yet unidentified version of Huracan, but definitely dieted and aggressive looking, was also hinted at.