2014-08-07 00:22:04

Effective Driving Lessons from Lamborghini

Unusual news has come today from Lamborghini camp: the luxury brand plans to teach people how to drive with the best performance.

First “classes” will be held in mid-September in the USA, and then the driving enlighteners will move to a German site. Curriculum of the driving school is very saturated: one will be taught how to ride in slalom, accelerate in the most efficient way, and shorten the stopping distance. Such specific racing disciplines as corkscrew and drifting will also be included. Everyone brave enough to increase his performance driving abilities will get a special certificate at the end of the event.

The whole range of models, not only the newest Huracan, will be used for training. All the applicants will be given a place to stay, be fed and taught for the total of $5,000. Almost $800 more will open an opportunity for the companion.

Those who will not have enough time for classes in autumn will be able to learn from Lamborghini professionals in winter, when the second teaching season opens.