2017-05-31 18:30:41

America, Meet 2 New Lamborghini Centenarios

The limited Lamborghini Centenario can be referred to “as beautiful as expensive” it is.

There will be only 40 examples of the outstanding hypercar worldwide. Expect 20 convertibles and 20 coupes. We have already spotted 1 example in America. Now 2 more units showed up stateside.

The 1st unit forgoes the usual bare carbon fibber body in place of a Nuovo Giallo Orion yellow shade featuring carbon fibber accents. The unit was delivered new to Lamborghini Beverly Hills. It is only the 2nd example to land in America in several months.

The 2nd vehicle is a bare carbon fibber unit featuring red accents. It has a similar scheme to many other units. The vehicle was delivered to Lamborghini Paramus (New Jersey). It is able to produce 759 hp from it twelve-cylinder motor.

Both cars celebrate 100th birthday of the company’s founder. Their price jumps to $1.9 million.