2018-09-10 19:31:56

The biggest: welcome a new Kia debut

KIA showed a pre-series version of the largest in the line of SUVs - Telluride model.

The novelty is considered a replacement for the Mohave model. The serial car debuts in Detroit-2019, which will open in January. The Telluride sale starts in the first half of 2019.

If you take a general plan, the SUV recalls the eponymous concept of 2016. The serial car leaves with non-standard rear doors that open against the stroke, plus other optics are expected on all fronts.

The vehicle, which was shown at the Fashion Week in New York, acquired special equipment (snorkel, off-road tires, etc).

The engines in the Kia Telluride are 6-cylinder petrol engine, perhaps a 3,3-liter V6 at 294 hp.