2021-11-25 23:39:17

New Kia Niro declassified more

At the Seoul Mobility Show, 2021, representatives of brand Kia revealed a new subcompact Niro.

The second generation of the model will be available next year.

The novelty has been tested since 2020. The car resembles the 2019 HabaNiro prototype. For example, the vehicles have the same wide rear pillar and 2-color body.

The new car was created with Kia's corporate philosophy of Opposites United. The front end has been made in the "face of a tiger" stylistics, where the radical image of changed headlights and LED headlights are displayed. The rear LED lights also stand out nicely.
Inside the crossover uses digital technology, different systems for communication, safety, and driver assistance. The upholstery has environmental materials.