2021-03-11 20:14:45

Kia Sportage and Cadenza recalled for repairs

Kia Company begins mass recall of about 380,000 copies of models Sportage and Cadenza in the U.S.

The reason for the repair work was the possible ignition of the car's engine.

The service campaign affected Kia Sportage 2017-2021 crossovers and Kia Cadenza 2017-2019 sedans. In cars, a short circuit often causes the motor to catch fire. So far, company specialists have not found out the cause of the fast. It is specified that the recall does not affect cars with a system of intelligent "cruise."

Kia asked the owners of recalled cars to park them on the street and away from other vehicles. The company promised to thoroughly inspect each recalled car and find/eliminate the defect if any. All work is free of charge.