2016-07-29 16:11:01

The Berus from Keating Supercars (2017)

Keating Supercars is celebrating 10 years of building performance cars. The automaker is developing a new offering. It will come out in 2017 and will be called the Berus. The coupe can reach more than 230 mph!

Keating is going to sell the Berus of 2 kinds. Regular supercar will be equipped with an eight-cylinder. The car will be able to sprint 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds. There also will be offered electric propulsion. It will deliver 201-402 hp and torque of 1,054 pound-feet.

The production model will come out next spring at Top Marques show held in Monaco. There are some renderings available. The car’s moniker derives from vipera berus (that is the scientific name for the usual European viper).

The company came up with the track-only TKR. It was equipped with a biturbo LS7 eight-cylinder producing 1,800 hp. 7 years ago the car showed 260.1 mph at Salt Lake Flats (California).