2021-02-02 20:22:53

New Jeep Grand Cherokee gets 'outstanding' off-road performance

The new generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, which will be the fifth generation, will get "outstanding" off-road performance. 

Jeep's director Christian Meunier has told western media that the all-terrain Grand Cherokee has always had the best off-road performance as all Jeep vehicles in the lineup.

The latest Grand Cherokee is supposed to have the best off-road performance, which will surpass the fourth-generation model.

The car will delight with the 4xe version, which is complemented by a rechargeable hybrid unit that will provide the SUV with acceptable fuel consumption and better fuel economy than diesel engines.

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee will debut soon, and the company will sell the car until the end of 2021. Customers will get the Grand Cherokee, which features an extended wheelbase and three rows of seats.