2013-05-27 12:58:33

Legendary Jeep Patriot Resurrected

Just before the Memorial Day, Jeep has represented a unique 2014 model year Patriot Freedom Edition.

In tribute to the valiant people, past and present, that have served and defended our country, the special edition Patriot Latitude arrives in either a red, blue, or white exterior with military-inspired elements prominently showed on the hood and rear quarter panel of the vehicle. “Oscar Mike” badging is placed on the lower front door while silver stitching and black manufacture “star” logo patches are ornamented on the front seats.

The Patriot Freedom Edition will include a brand-new, 6-speed automatic transmission and offers the top-leading Jeep 4×4 ability.

Moreover, the American brand is donating $250 to military charities for every 2014 Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition delivered. FWD models will begin at $21,795 while the 4×4 is offered for $25,195.