2019-03-21 17:29:34

Jeep Gladiator began own production

Jeep assembled the 1st sales copy of a pickup with the basis of an off-road vehicle Wrangler new generation.

The car has revived the name, Gladiator. The new Jeep' car left the assembly line of Fiat Chrysler in Toledo, Ohio.

Jeep Gladiator Forum informs that the first car expects in US dealer networks from the second quarter of 2020. For Jeep Gladiator was produced a 3.6-liter 'aspirated' on V6 Pentastar gasoline, giving out 288 'horses' with 353 Nm. An engine operates with a 6-step 'mechanics' or 8-band 'automatic.' Next, customers will get a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder diesel for 264 hp. and 600 Nm, working only with an automatic transmission.