2014-05-07 14:24:51

Jeep Challenge to be Accomplished by Fiat-Chrysler in 3 Years

A major development change is planned for Jeep in the parent company endeavours to lift it to the global market.

Fiat-Chrysler expects that a sales boost will total 1.5 units moved annually in just three years with a significant increase of Asian and South American markets. The latest annual sales figure of Jeep implies 731.5 vehicles so far.

The programme will begin with the presentation of Jeep Renegade. This core product will trigger a line of production sites. The first of them will be Italian plant where assembly is to be started this summer. Later this year a Brazil-based facility responsible for the domestic market will join the construction plan. One more plant in China is to take up Renegade manufacturing at the end of 2015.

Chinese customers already bring good income with 60,000 vehicles sold there in 2013. With the start of domestic manufacturing indexes are only expected to increase.