2014-03-17 12:10:04

Inflammation Investigation of Jeep Liberty Over


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has concluded that there is no need to initiate a recall of more than 100,000 Liberty SUVs after conducting an investigation on driver’s door inflammations caused by malfunctioning electric window switch. It was proved that the switch had nothing to do with inflammations as the area affected by fire turned out to be situated at the opposite side of the cabin.

There were 265 warranty cases filed regarding problems with power switches, and only one fire incident has been proved to be connected with a defect in this particular part. The Administration, thus, has reported that the share of switch failures is minor in the whole line-up, and the connection of accidents with malfunctioning switches presents even a lower figure. Apart from that, no special failure tendency has been detected in any of tested vehicle groups or under any conditions.