2014-05-02 18:34:35

How Much to Spend on Jeep Cherokee in Britain?

Dealership release of Cherokee in the UK is planned for the first summer month, and customers should expect a starting price of £25,495.

Standard Longitude will offer a steering wheel in leather, advanced climate control and Bluetooth alongside with rear parking sensor, remodelled tail lamps and wheels 17 inches in diameter made of alloy.

Longitude+ opens opportunities for more electronic devices. Package for it includes powerful audio and touchscreen-connected infotainment unit as well as GPS.

Those planning to drive in the country might be interested in Trailhawk modification. Luxury Limited kit is also present with its xenon lighting, Californian upholstery, smartphone compatibility and larger wheels.

At first British customers will have access only to diesel variants with 2.0-litre volume. Standard propulsion will develop 140 bhp and 258 lb-ft. More powerful engines are expected to bring a 30 hp boost with the same torque figure. Petrol engine from Pentastar for 6 cylinders and 3.2 litres will follow afterwards and display a significant power increase to 271 hp setting torque at 232 lb-ft level.