2014-11-19 14:45:52

Chrysler SUVs will Lose its Colour Options for a Few Months

A colourful Dodge Durango or Jeep Cherokee will not be available for a few months.

The company is upgrading its colour shop at the Jefferson North Assembly factory situated in Detroit. In such a way, more complex colours will be available. The process is expected to finish near February of 2015. The customers will have an option of ordering only the SUVs of white, grey, silver or black colour in the period before February of 2015.

The factory is going to stop manufacturing for nearly three weeks since December 22 in order to adjust the updating to the colour shop. Supplies may become thinner during this period. Chrysler states that the innovated process of painting will give an opportunity of better colour jobs and more options which will become available after the factory will work again.