2014-11-26 13:05:31

Chrysler Promises to Fix Recalled Jeeps Sooner

Chrysler told that they promise to put more efforts in 1.6-million Jeep SUVs repairing which were recalled.

The NHTSA criticized the American company for the really slow repairing of the recalled Jeep models last week. The NHTSA sent a letter to the company’s Group director Sergio Machionne. The automaker gave a response telling that they are also not satisfied with rates of repair. They also stated that the steps ensuring awareness of dealers that there are 430,000 trailer hitch parts which are available for repairs. Only 50,000 of them are in dealer stock.

As to the automaker, the dealers will get the minimum of a dozen repair sets in stock by day. Totally, they have got 13.2% of the 852,000 recalled Jeep Liberty offerings created from 2002 till 2007. Also 3.5% of the 746,000 recalled Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs created from 1993 till 2004 were received by dealers. The American company will make all possible to convince the customers that this recall is significant. The automaker will buy advertisement on Facebook and start public service messages since January 5.

The problem with the recalled models is sensibility of the gas tanks in the back-end collisions. The problem solution of the company is the trailer hitch installation which will protect the rear end of the cars.