2013-09-25 11:43:38

2014 Jeep Cherokee Manufacture Temporarily Stopped

The 2nd shift of workers assigned to construct the 2014 Jeep Cherokee in Toledo, Ohio have been laid off for a time as many 2014 Cherokees have yet to be delivered to dealers.

Chrysler informs that the pause affects around 500 employees, who will be out of work for around 2 weeks. ”We have been constructing cars since the end of June and have now created the critical number of cars we need to stock dealerships once containment is released,” Chrysler representative Jodi Tinson informed Carsbase. ”We will temporarily idle the 2nd shift so as not to put additional strain on our logistics companions to get these cars into the hands of clients as quickly and efficiently as possible upon release.”

Chrysler informs that it has built 9,430 Cherokees as of the end of August, but they haven’t delivered any to dealers yet. A software correction, according to the automaker, needs to be performed on every car before they are ready to be delivered.

A union official informed the Carsbase that there is “not an issue with the car,” though previously CEO Sergio Marchionne told that the Cherokee would be delayed due to a problem with the brand-new 9-speed transmission.