2013-10-14 02:00:52

2014 Jeep Cherokee Arrival Delayed

Chrysler has already constructed 12,000 all-new Jeep Cherokees, but not a single one was delivered to the customers yet. 

The reason is that the brand is working to fix problems with the Cherokee’s 9-speed automatic transmission, and won’t allow the cars to be shipped until they are 100% ready.

“Chrysler Group is in the final stages of validating the refreshed powertrain calibrations,” Gualberto Ranieri, vice president of communications for Chrysler informed CarsBase. “The automaker will not deliver cars until we are fully satisfied the Cherokee meets client expectations for performance, refinement and quality.”

Nothing less than light shifts will be tolerated, and it seems that the first batch of Cherokees have been experiencing rather significant gear fixes. Seeing as this is vital product for Chrysler, the company needs it to release with no defects.

This pause may cause Chrysler to miss its financial goals for the 3rd quarter, and possibly for the whole year.