2020-12-16 19:49:21

The famous video game will feature a 1,900-horsepower Jaguar hypercar

Jaguar presented a hypercar Vision Gran Turismo SV, explicitly created for the famous racing simulator Gran Turismo. 

According to Autocar, the novelty has found a virtual appearance and a real performance on the layout. At the same time, the company has no plans regarding the serial launch of such a car. Specific stylistic solutions with technology in the future will appear in the mass-produced electric vehicles of the company.

Hypermobile has inherited parameters of many cars of the brand (C-Type, D-Type, XJR-9, XJR-14). The novelty's design was "inspired by the past and a fearless look into the future." In Vision Gran Turismo SV, the 1,900-horsepower Jaguar hypercar will appear in 2021.

The length of the car is 5.54 m, the height - a little over 1 m. Wheelbase size is 2.721 m. The body part of the vehicle is made of composite materials. The novelty will have narrow headlights, a diffuser, a retractable rear wing, and a splitter.

The novelty has four electric motors, one per each wheel. In total, the hypercar's power is 1903 "horses." "One hundred" is gained by the car in 1.65 seconds. The maximum speed of the model is 410 km/hour.