2019-09-11 20:28:36

Electric Jaguar XJ announced in Frankfurt

Jaguar showed the first teaser drawing of the next-generation flagship XJ, which will be taking an all-electric installation.

The photo itself appeared on the screen during the debut of the brand new Land Rover Defender.

Edition Autocar writes, referring to the words of the Jaguar chief designer Julian Thomson, that XJ is “a wonderful luxury car, different from the traditional large executive sedan.”

The new generation of Jaguar XJ will be showing in 2020. The basis of the machine is a scalable MLA platform, which provides for the use of traditional ICEs and hybrid with all-electric circuits.

Rumors say that the latest Jaguar XJ equipped with four electric motors with a capacity of 200 “horses” per unit, as well as a set of batteries of 100-kilowatt-hours.