2016-07-13 14:41:47

Paris Motor Show, Meet the Infiniti QX50 Replacement

The Infiniti QX50 crossover’s replacement will be presented at the Motor Show held in Paris this autumn. The vehicle will take inspiration from the QX Sport Inspiration concept that was unveiled not long ago in Beijing.

The company’s representatives said that their concepts predict future.

The considered car shows how the automaker can redesign the mid-size SUV to stand in line with the latest styling trends of the company. The vehicle features crazy creases and sharply pointed edges. It also got ultra-skinny headlamps and a famous swage line on the body. Moreover, the car rocked cameras instead of regular mirrors. This feature will be legally allowed soon. You will see a completely digital instrument cluster, a driver-focused dash featuring a tall centre console that separates passenger and driver and a flat-bottom helm.

The current model was seriously revised for this model year. The wheelbase was stretched so that the cabin would be improved. Visual upgrade was also provided. Last year the cars counted for 51% of the company’s sales in America. The crossovers and SUVs composed 63% of all automaker’s sales.

Motor Show in Paris will reveal us all the details.