2020-06-03 19:04:56

Infiniti's New Wave Models Expected for 2023

According to the 4-year large-scale restructuring plan, which was announced by Nissan a week ago, the Infiniti brand will receive innovations.

Now the premium brand will not position itself as a rival for Mercedes-Benz, but will become a kind of "improved Nissan." The first batch of "new wave" models will appear in 2023.

To increase profits, Nissan will more unify Infiniti with mass cars. According to Ashwani Gupt, a chief operating officer for Automotive News, the innovations will affect power plants and platforms. It is means the rear-wheel-drive Q50 and Q60 may no longer be available. Each new Infiniti car from 2023 will share the base with Altima or Maxima, additionally receiving robust hybrid e-Power systems.

The main markets for new Infiniti new wave products will be the United States and China.