2020-10-29 17:51:47

Infiniti QX80 received an updated interior

Acceptance of orders for the Infiniti QX80 model range of the current year has started.

Externally, the car has not changed, but two new body paint options have appeared - Mineral Black and Coulis Red.

Significant changes await future owners inside the car. The cabin has a new multimedia system with a powerful processor and an increased memory, two touchscreens measuring seven and eight inches. The infotainment complex's voice control system recognizes up to 6,000 thousand different commands; previously, its number was limited to five hundred. Bluetooth in the car also has updated software.

As for the engines, everything is the same - this is a 5.6-liter V8 petrol engine with a capacity of 405 hp, 560 Nm of torque - acceleration to hundreds in 7.5 seconds.