2014-07-10 15:51:58

Dragon Refashioning of Hummer H2

Hummer H2 now looks more mysterious with the help of new dragon look designed by Vilner.

Bulgarian tuning house has always tried to be original in its renderings, but one might think that with Hummer it went a bit over the edge. Nevertheless, such an approach can be justified by the very nature of the standard variant, which is far from faded. Spray printing outside and special embroidery inside featuring a dragon theme is finished in black and yellow.

Peculiar look was achieved by paining the SUV on massive wheels with naïve shades. On the body one may see insertions of chrome on a number of metallic details including wings and lighting surroundings.

The same decision is implemented in the cab, with obvious domination, even surplus of yellow. Here one may see a diversity of materials, from leather on door panels to LED plastics of dials.