2018-12-27 21:43:31

Honda releases a special S660 Trad Leather Edition

To make the Honda S660 even more attractive, the Japanese company launched a special version of the Trad Leather Edition, priced at 85,754 yuan (equivalent to 10,903 euros).

It is noted, the car will be demonstrated at the Tokyo Motor Show next month.

The style changes shown in the debut do not make the Honda S660 sporty but offer a “beautiful and sophisticated look” combining a brown soft top and a set of unique aluminum rims. Inside, the model receives a light brown and black leather on sports seats, as well as a special aluminum plate with the inscription “Trad Leather”, which is located immediately behind the gear lever. The new car will replenish the conceptual line of the most popular brands. New technical developments will be fully implemented in the future concept.

Also, the Trad Leather Edition version is offered with the City-Brake Active System (previously offered as an option; and three body colors: British Green, Premium White, and Nighthawk Black. There are no changes under the hood, and the same engine is placed, providing 64 horsepower and 104 Nm of torque. The unit is connected to the rear-wheel drive and six-speed mechanics or variable-speed gearbox.