2014-02-13 16:09:03

Civic Type-R Ventures for Nurburgring Victory thought still a Concept

Automobile fans have a chance to make the first glance on Civic Type-R which will soon be presented by Honda as a concept in Geneva.

The production start of the model characterized by the manufacturer as a racing car tamed for road trips will hit the dealerships in less than a year and marvel by both decent power figures and aggressive look. The current variant of Civic Type-R includes a turbocharged engine of next generation holding 2.0 litres and producing minimum 280 hp.

Standard gearbox solution for the auto will be a manual one for six speeds. The company implies that the power figures are about to reach 300 hp and even more. Undercarriage is anticipated to be much wider than a standard Civic. Rear dampers of adaptive kind are also to be present; currently they can be seen as optional on Civic Tourer.

The carmaker has made a claim that Type-R has all the chances to become the best front-drive vehicle on Nurburgring which is to be proved by the racing styling.