2015-11-20 15:11:31

A Plug-in Hybrid from Honda will be out by 2018

Honda has told about creating an innovated plug-in hybrid offering. It is scheduled to come out by 2018.

The automaker presented its new Clarity Fuel Cell at this year’s Auto Show held in Los Angeles. The producer announced that it will be the first car launched from an innovated platform. It was also stated that a completely new plug-in hybrid EV will follow it. The manager of environmental business development at the U.S. Honda Motor Company shared this news.

Sometime earlier in 2015, the company axed the Accord plug-in offering. Its electric range equalled to13 miles. It was stated that the innovated plug-in hybrid car will target at the range of 40 miles.

The new offering will be characterized as a next-gen, two-motor hybrid system with noticeable improvements in power and battery capacity. This could mean that the new vehicle will be able to operate in a fully-electric mode at highway speeds.

Besides the new offering, the company wants to increase manufacturing of its plug-in and hybrid vehicles in future.