2019-10-02 18:03:43

Hennessey Venom F5 Hypercar will receive a motor for 1842 "horses"

Hennessey Performance announced the motor power in the Venom F5 hypercar.

The power of the installation would reach 1,600 hp, but the V8 will develop 1,842 hp. The unit at Venom F5 has a working volume of 6.6 liters. It was made from a single piece of aluminum, adding an intake manifold with a built-in air-water intercooler. The engine also got a lightweight steel camshaft, titanium intake valves, and Inconel exhaust valves, two twin-scroll turbocharged superchargers.

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The maximum power of the "eight" set at 1842 hp. and 1617 Nm and 1356 Nm appear from 2000 rpm.

Recall that the Hennessey Venom F5 Hypercar saw the world two years ago at the SEMA show. The car was made on a brand new lightweight carbon fiber base — weight - a little less than 1300 kg. Active aerodynamics was removed from the Venom F5; however, the drag coefficient was 0.33.