2021-11-23 19:26:59

Haval H9 frame SUV to end production

Haval will be abandoning the H9 all-terrain SUV. 

The car is being produced in China, and the procedure will be completed at the end of December.

Great Wall attributes the reason for the refusal of the model to its small sales: for nine months of 2021, 13,873 people bought the car. For comparison, the same platform off-roader Tank 300 was purchased in 52 572 vehicles.

The "relative" of the H9 - the Tank 500 - showed good sales figures at this time. In one day, the model was ordered by 22,654 people. Because of this, most likely, the replacement of the Haval H9 will be the new model from the Tank line, for which the Chinese are already starting to free the production facilities.