2019-08-31 10:48:49

Great Wall P Series: The Haval H9 redesign with new elements

The new details have appeared about the first-born of the P-series Great Wall pickup brand intends to seriously enter the world top three - along with Toyota and Ford.

Already in 2020, annual sales should reach 200,000 cars. Meanwhile, the breakthrough model only seems new, because this is the Haval H9 SUV.

With it, a pickup truck is related to a platform (a modified one is called P71) with a multi-link rear, a 2.0 petrol turbo four (190 hp, 360 N • m), whose GW4C20B index differs from a Hailail one in B, an eight-speed automatic ZF, the interior architecture and much more another.

There are six airbags, keyless entry, an engine start button, digital tidy, a media center with a nine-inch touch screen and voice control, dual-zone climate control, adaptive cruise, and electric front seats.

According to the creators, the rookie combines the comfort of a sedan, the capabilities of an SUV, the leisure character of a station wagon and the carrying capacity of a light truck. “The P Series is a label that represents elite that longs for freedom, ready to challenge to strive for excellence in the spirit of the times! Everyone who has a passion for life should have a new Great Wall P-Series pickup! ”Says the company.