2020-09-15 19:50:33

New GMC Hummer surprised with its function (VIDEO)

GMC has released a teaser video showing how the "crab mode" works in the new Hummer.

The function allows the vehicle to drive diagonally. To perform a similar trick, all four wheels of the off-road vehicle turn in one direction. The feature will most likely be offered as an option.

Also, on the teaser, the premiere date of the newest Hummer was announced - October 20. The car will appear in 2 variations - an off-road vehicle and a pickup. The novelty will receive three electric motors for a total power of more than 1000 hp. The first 100 km/h is gained by the car in 3 seconds. The maximum cruising range is about 650 km.

Additionally, the novelty will get the proprietary Super Cruise semi-automatic driving system and the Adrenaline Mode function.