2020-03-16 19:23:24

Formula 1 postponed indefinitely

Last weekend was supposed to begin a new season of Formula 1 with the first race in Australia, but the organizers canceled the event.

Now it became known that races in Bahrain and Vietnam have been canceled. The cause was the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

A message on the official website of the championship reads as follows:

'The situation due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus around the world is tough and unstable, which means that we need time to understand the situation and make the right decisions.'

It turns out, with the cancellation of 3 primary races with the April stage in Shanghai, the start of a new season can take place in May at the Grand Prix of the Netherlands. The problem is that now the incidence of coronavirus infection in Europe is increasing, and the opening of the championship can postpone a later time. Most likely, the organizers of Formula 1 will launch a new season from June, when the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan in Baku is scheduled.