2020-12-18 20:59:52

Ford's virtual car gets a live look

Ford has declassified a real mockup of the Fordzilla P1 supercar, which had previously been shown as a virtual prototype. 

In addition to engineers and designers, more than 250,000 gamers around the world created the car.

Motor1 informs that the development of the appearance of the supercar was about 7 weeks. The creation of the car was carried out remotely from different corners of the Earth. The car is 4.731 m long, 2 m wide and 895 mm high.

The design of the new car reminds Ford GT. The sports car has an air intake on the roof, a transparent hood, and vertical headlights with a narrow shape. The Interior of the Fordzilla P1 has two seats and a rectangular steering wheel with a display.

Ford didn't forget about gamers and placed the AFK (Away From Keyboard) sign on the floor in front of the passenger. There was also a #levelup tag on the bodywork, and GLHF (Good Luck, Have Fun) was added to the spoiler.