2013-03-21 14:23:46

Ford has designed special cars for people who have different allergies

With the beginning of spring, Ford engineers are trying to help their customers, who suffer from allergies by eliminating the use of materials in their cars, which can cause allergies.

The representatives of Ford explain that they will lower the use of latex, wool, chromium and nickel, especially in areas such as seats, steering wheel, armrest, door handles and shifters.

The problem of allergy plays a big part in the new Ford Fusion. The engineers have tested more than 100 materials, to make sure they can remove the allergic aspect.

"The allergy affects a large number of people, so we do our best to reduce the potential allergens inside all types of Ford, and we do it through strict and controlled testing," said Linda Schmalz, the head of Ford core material engineering.

Ford says that their testers have strictly limited the dyes and formaldehyde to a certain level which is acceptable for allergy sufferers.