2018-08-17 16:56:29

Ford announce of an unmanned vehicle

Ford distributed a 44-page document "A Matter of Trust", where we can see the information about images of the first serial drones.

The company has planned in 3 years to begin selling autonomous transport.

The car will receive a sensor that tracks the exact location of the car due to GPS data with a high-precision map of the area. On the road, the laser rangefinder LiDAR, operating in the 360-degree zone, will be able to navigate, which can make a 3-dimensional picture of the environment. The unmanned vehicle still had a complex of radars with cameras that track static and moving objects.

Product car will please and autopilot level 4. Inside, you should expect the appearance of external controls, if the driver wants to control the car manually.

Ford states that the first sales of drones will not be directed to individuals.