2019-09-26 17:58:39

Ford Expedition SUV become more luxurious

Ford Expedition SUV become more luxurious

Ford began selling the Expedition special version of King Ranch. The novelty differs from the usual full-size machine in external decor and quality leather interior.

Appearance Expedition King Ranch distinguishable by matte gray accents on the radiator, bumpers, rear mirrors, footrests, tow hitch covers, and luggage compartment mountings. The feature of the top version can also trace to the original 22-inch 6-spoke aluminum wheels with King Ranch brand emblems.

The interior of this Expedition can be distinguished by the unique lining of high-quality Del Rio leather, contrasting stitching Kingsville, as well as veneer Ziricote. On the seats, there are perforated inserts with the King Ranch logo on the backs. By default, the car has a 7-seater configuration with a pair of "captain" seats, which are on the second row.

The technical part of King Ranch is identical to the simple Expedition: a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with 381 hp drives the car. and 470 Nm. In a couple of the motor is an "automatic" 10 steps, and the drive itself is full.