2020-06-10 18:27:01

Brand new engines prepared for Ford Fiesta

Ford presented an improved compact hatch Fiesta, which provides with two brand new power motors.

The car received power plants operating according to the “moderate hybrid” scheme. The technology was taken from a miniature cross-country Ford Puma. The hatch went on sale with 3-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engines of 1.0 liter for 125 and 155 hp.

Units interact with a 48-volt onboard starter-generator, the task of which is to accumulate energy during braking. It gives the car extra traction during acceleration. The company noted that such a system saves up to 5% of fuel compared with old engines.

Another 125-horsepower Fiesta engine will be sold with a 7-speed “robot” for two clutches, replacing the 6-speed automatic transmission. Also, the model will have in its more expensive versions an improved KFM with an updated interface, adaptive cruise control, a system for recognizing road signs, as well as a remote engine start function.