2019-10-29 18:54:01

The debut of an electric Fisker SUV will be soon

Fisker presents a brand new electric SUV as early as January 2020.

Henrik Fisker on Twitter said that the name of the car and other information on the new product would be declassified in a month.

From the well-known: the novelty will be provided with a roof with solar panels to fuel the batteries. The company says the electric car will be the first cross-country in the world to have solar panels for the entire length of the roof. The top will be equipped with an electric drive, and the roof section is shifted by merely pressing a button.

The crossover will be provided with a power plant with two electric units, as well as a set of batteries of 80 kW/h, which will allow the car to pass a maximum of 480 km without recharging. The cost of the vehicle will reach about $40,000.